Standard Stock Modifications

Special Lengths
Graphiting etc.

Delivered 3-4 Days

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  • Most complete fabricating services in the business.
  • Short run/quick delivery projects, even one of a kind specials and prototypes.
  • Flexible input-blueprints, samples, FAX drawings or telephone descriptions.
  • CAD/CAM system for fast, accurate design and manufacturing.
  • In-house grinding, honing, threading, grooving and graphiting capabilities.
  • CNC milling machines and lathes for precision and consistency.
  • All shapes and sizes-round, square, angular, irregular.
  • Maintenance and repair items such as sleeves, flanges, plates and gibs engineered from samples.
  • Tolerances within +.00025" for diameters, flatness, parallelism and concentricity.



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We maintain a huge inventory of standard sizes in cast bronze and powdered metal. Online Store