Cast Bronze Standards - Old

ASB manufactures the most complete line of standard stock-sized bronze sleeve bearings in the world. We produce and stock more than 1,000 different sizes of bronze bearings in inch and metric sizes.

For shipping outside the US or modifications to stock parts call for custom quote 1-800-969-2721

Our stock line is manufactured within strict quality guidelines that ensure ASB products have the best surface finishes, tighter concentricity and material uniformity. These products are manufactured from continuous cast bronze material that conforms to specifications ASTMB 505-C932, SAE 660 and CuSn7ZnPb.

Size DiagramASB cast bronze standards are general-purpose bearings that provide the best mix of functional properties, availability and economical cost. They offer excellent load carrying capabilities with good anti-frictional properties. They can perform over a broad range of temperatures (up to 450°) and can readily be modified with grease grooves, oil grooves or self-lubricating graphite plugs. 

All standard stock sizes are also available in other materials such as no-lead bronze, aluminum bronze, and manganese bronze. Special requests are welcomed with flexible stocking arrangements or just in time delivery schedules. 

All bearings with an ID under 3" are ±.001
All over 3" ID are ±.0015
OD's up to 3" are +.002 +.003
OD's over 3" are +.003 +.005
All lengths are ±.005