P/M Bronze Metrics Sleeve Bearings

Powdered Metal Bronze Sleeve Bearing Metrics 

P/M bronze stock items are manufactured of pressed copper and tin powders and impregnated with lubricating oil. They are intended by design to be self lubricating, maintenance free and low cost. 

Standard material specifications include: SAE 841, ASTMB 438 Grade 1 Type II, MIL-B-5687D Type 1 Grade 1, CuSn 6-6-3, Sint B 50 

Size Diagram
Standard impregnating oil conforms to SAE 30 specifications but product is also regularly supplied with special oils such as Mil-L-6085, Mil-L-17731. 

Model - Defines part specs in IDxODxL 

Modifications to stock parts is available please call for custom quote 1-800-969-2721
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