Rolled Bronze

Rolled Bronze Bushings with Indents 

ASB’s line of rolled (wrapped) bushings is produced with diamond shaped lubrication indents on the bearing surface(s). These bushings are ideally suited for thin wall applications. The indents provide lubricant reservoirs that allow for excellent and prolonged service. 

For applications that are sealed or difficult to maintain, we also manufacture this product with self-lubricating graphite filled diamond or circular indents.

They are light-weight and compact and are available as sleeve bushings, flange bearings, washers and plates. They are produced in both inch and metric sizes.

Rolled Bronze w Oil Perforations

ASB’s line of rolled (wrapped) bronze bushings is perforated for better lubrication and longer performance. The holes provide extra lubrication storage which extends the lubrication maintenance intervals.

They also serve as safety areas that capture debris that may find its way into the bushings and shaft during operation.

Perforated bronze products are available as sleeves, flanges and plates and are produced in inch and metric sizes. Typical applications include material handling, hydraulic cylinders, lifting equipment and agricultural machinery.

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